Dylan Michael Patton

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Note! Dylan does not have any blog on the internet at this time.  Not any Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, MSN Spaces, Live Journal, Hi 5 or any others. Don't be fooled into thinking anyone who claims to be the real Dylan.  They are fake and are posers!




Dylan Michael Patton is an up and coming teen actor


  • Coast to Coast Talent Group, Dana Edrick, Agent 
    3350 Barham Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90068 United States 
  • Monster Talent Inc., Jessie Greene, Manager 
    6333 West 3rd Street, St. 912, Los Angeles, California 90036 
    323-956-9696 . jgreene@monstertalentinc.com


Latest News:



Dylan Patton, Taylor Spreitler and Casey Diedrick taken by Debi Patton 




Dylan Patton

Dylan Patton at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences  June 11, 2009


Dylan Patton

Dylan (Will) and Ali (Sami)

Dylan Patton (Will) and Alison Sweeney (Sami)


Dylan's mom and Dylan

Debi Patton and Dylan Patton

Days Insider Blog Mothers Day interview with Dylan and his mom!  (thanks to Nick)




Days of Our Live April 3rd, 2009

Dylan (Will) and Alison Sweeney (Sami)


 Taylor Spreitler and Dylan Patton in Taylor's dressing room







Days of Our Lives March 19th, 2009

New pictures:


DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: (l-r) Dylan Patton as Will Horton, Taylor Spreitler as Mia -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth 

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Spreitler as Mia, Dylan Patton as Will Horton -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth


Interview from Younghollywood.com!

 Young Hollywood interviews Taylor Spreitler who interviews Dylan



New pictures

Dylan Patton as Will Horton -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth

Dylan Patton as Will Horton -- NBC Photo: Mitchell Haaseth


Exclusive interview with Dylan!(special thanks again to Nick and his friend Robin!)


Bio of Dylan on Days web site (thanks to Nick)


Read the Days Insider Interview with Dylan and Taylor! (thanks to Kylie)


Dylan Patton (Will) with Taylor Spreitler (Mia)

Dylan Patton (Will) with Taylor Spreitler (Mia)

Dylan as Will Roberts



Days of Our Lives: February 27th - March 3rd, 2009



Dylan books 4 year contract for "Days of Our Lives" Soap Opera!!!  He will play "Will Roberts" and debut that role on the episode that airs Friday, February 27th, 2009.  The show broadcasts daily (M-F) on NBC at 1:00 pm EST.  Congratulations Dylan!


So Others May Live a.k.a. Crab Orchard has been released on DVD!

Now available at a $10 discount for a limited time!


Dylan has graduated from high school this last July by passing the CHSPE - (California High School Proficiency Exam) see: http://www.chspe.net/ which allows him to graduate early and work as a legal 18 year old (even though he is really 16) and this means longer hours, no set teacher or school and no parent required on the set.

According to Dylan's mom, this is great because it makes him eligible for roles that previously were not available to him because many film and network companies want 18 and over to play as young as 14 saving them time and money.

Now for the other news I know you all want to hear: Dylan is auditioning almost everyday ever since he turned 16 and passed the CHSPE! and has been getting callbacks and going to producers for many shows...and you all will be the first to know what Dylan's next role will be!


Dylan turns 16!  Graduates early from high school



New pictures

January 2008 #1January 2008 #2January 2008 #3


First Strike trailer (28 MB QuickTime)


First Strike poster with Dylan and new Official First Strike the Movie MySpace



New photos AND videos of Dylan in First Strike!

Videos:  (requires QuickTime)

Dylan (Dustin Tyler) watches his Dad kick ass!

Dylan suffers from the flesh-eating virus!





First Strike promo



Cold Case "Blackout" repeat Sunday evening    on CBS in the US.  Check local listings....


Dylan turns 15!

 MySpace Movie links: 6 Honest Men



O Best Beloved... Six Honest Men DVD is available for NOW $10 plus $4 shipping


O Best Beloved... Six Honest Men trailer! (12 MB)

5/31/2007 - Dylan's AARP TV ad



Read Dylan's latest interview at Portrait Magazine!

See Dylan's  Cold Case scenes here 





The Cold Case episode is #4-13, called Blackout and aired Sunday January 14, 2007 on CBS at 9 PM. Plot: The team re-opens the 1996 case of a wealthy woman who was afraid of the dark and died during a citywide electricity blackout. Dylan plays Matt (back in 1996)... 



Dylan has landed a role in an episode filming next week on the hit CBS series "Cold Case". He will play with Donna Mills who stars as his grandmother in the the show.  As soon as we know more and when the episode might air, we will pass that along!

Read the latest article about Dylan here!




Crab Orchard has been picked up by international distributor Artist View Entertainment





Watch the new updated Crab Orchard trailer



Paradise, Texas is NOW available on DVD!  Check the official website and select Order the Movie.  You need Master Card or Visa and can only order online there.

(This is Dylan's first film available on DVD)


O' Best Beloved, Six Honest Men  DVD available on the film's web site soon! 


Exclusive! Pictures from the set of First Strike!!!


Dylan booked a lead role in the feature independent film

"First Strike"

According to Dylan's official web site:

The film is a Sci-Fi, Action-thriller about a family who fights back against terrorism and biological warfare.  Dylan plays the role of 14 year old "Dustin" Tyler who, along with his ex-special forces dad, world class scientist Mom, rebellious older sister and genius younger brother take on the impossible mission of trying to stop an evil terrorist from infecting the world with a deadly virus.   The film is packed with lots of fighting sequences so we may get to see Dylan use some of his martial arts.  Release dates are slated for Summer 2007!

Dylan and his family are now living in Los Angeles 

5/23/2006 - New Discussion Forum here:

Unofficial Dylan Patton Fan Forum  

See the new movie trailer for Paradise, Texas

Check out exclusive pictures from the Crab Orchard red-carpet premiere March 15, 2006

(posted 4/16/2006 and  4/27/2006)


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